January 13, 2012

Mom&I magazine interview

I had this lovely interview with Mom&I magazine (January issue) awhile ago. Mom&I is a Korean magazine which is published in U.S. for Korean American. I met Sally, the editor of the magazine, and we talked over a pot of coffee at a cafe. She was a wonderful person to talk to and I enjoyed lots of coffee. Many thanks to Sally!

지난 겨울 인터뷰했던 Mom&I 1월호가 나왔습니다. Mom&I 는 미국에 사시는 교포분들을 위한 잡지입니다. 편안하게 인터뷰 진행해주시고 기사도 너무나 잘 써주신 샐리씨 감사드립니다~!

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