December 11, 2011

Tua and the Elephant

This is my first chapter book that I worked for the cover and interior illustrations. I did full color cover art and two color illustrations for the interior art. Two color separation process was very confusing at first but as I figured some idea, it was so much fun to work.
The book is going to be published soon next year.
And here is already some nice preview from Betsy Bird's blog.
Thanks for the lovely preview!

The cover confused me on this next one for a second there. Tua and the Elephant is written by R.P. Harris but it’s illustrated by the remarkable Taeeun Yoo. Naturally when I saw that Yoo was involved (if you’ve seen her Only a Witch Can Fly then you know what she’s capable of) I assumed that we were talking about a picture book here. Nope. With 204 pages and a recommended reading age of 8 to 12 this is a chapter book with illustrations. In it Tua (“Peanut” in Thai) wants a sibling. When she makes the acquaintance of an abused elephant she decides to rescue it. Consider this a road trip novel with elephant. Might make a nice companion to Michael Morpurgo’s An Elephant in the Garden.


Shadra said...

Looooove this cover Yoote.

Nicholas Hong said...

I really like the simple and cute illustrated work! lovely!